I am South African born and bred. I am a simple woman, with huge passion, living out a significant story that finds it's meaning in a greater calling.


I am serving the children of Southern African, in Swaziland and South Africa (rural Mpumalanga) with Children’s Cup. This year, 2019, is my 6th year with Children's Cup. At the start of my time I developed a discipleship strategy where children would be given the opportunity to choose Christ and learn about His plan and His love for them. I also managed and facilitated all the sponsorship admin and letter-writing between children in South Africa and their sponsors. This year I have moved to Swaziland where I oversee the team that implements our Programs (Wellness, Spiritual Discipleship, Education and Economic Empowerment). 


As a child I grew up in various places, namely Mauritius, Johannesburg and Cape Town. After high school, I spent 6 years living in Chicago where I got a BA degree in Youth ministry, and have now been back in South Africa since 2007. Once getting back I served as a full time Children’s Pastor for 6 years. I have learned much about children, how they function, think and what it takes for them to flourish. Working with children has helped me to stay teachable. There is so much children can teach us. Besides, the Bible tells us that "the Kingdom belongs to such as these". 


My family resides in the beautiful Cape Town. I have one sister who is faithfully serving in full-time ministry and is an encouragement to me. I am grateful to my parents and sister for their support and encouragement as I have pursured this call to missions. 


What do I like to do for fun? Well, I enjoy fine art painting, I love taking photo's of ordinary things and showing off their beauty. I also enjoy going to a coffee shop with a book and drinking a Latte! I have been told I'm a city girl, but I am enjoying the 'lowveld' of Nelspruit and all it's outdoor beauty. 


I am passionate about children, racial reconciliation and sustainable change!

It is a true privilege for me to be serving the children of Mpumalanga with Children's Cup.

Check out what Children's Cup is all about and what all they're doing in Southern Africa- 

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Our mission at Children's Cup, is to equip and empower the local church to bring community transformation through wholistic childhood development.  

We do this by taking humanitarian and spiritual aid into the hard places where war, natural disasters and disease epidemics have devastated societies. These children in hard places know horrors most of our children have never even heard of. Food, shelter, medicine and education are not enough to heal their emotions. Many have been sexually abused or beaten. They need hope. Hope’s name is Jesus! Our work currently focuses heavily on Swaziland, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico and Belize. 


It takes a comprehensive approach to caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and we do this by treating the whole child. Most of this is done for the children through our network of CarePoints. And a CarePoint is a what its name implies: a point of care. It can be set up with as little investment as a tent and some pots and bowls. When it is matured, in its most effective state, it is a central point for carrying out the many care-giving and developmental programs that Children’s Cup has proven that make a difference in a child’s life forever.


Most have heard of “the cycle of poverty” – the downward spiral of self-perpetuating poverty that is destroying so many lives in Africa and other hard places in the world. Our strategy is a different kind of cycle. It starts with rescuing children who are in desperate situations – whether orphan-headed households, abject poverty, hunger, extreme vulnerability and abuse or other heart-wrenching hopelessness.


Through the local church partnership and a network of CarePoints the children are able to find hope. A CarePoint is simply what its name says – a point of care. They are places where we feed the children, give them medical care, provide education for them. Bible clubs, kids camps, outreach opportunities. 

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