September 3, 2018

The desire of one’s heart

can seem so insignificant

so small

yet so sincere

The desire of one’s heart

means so much 

simply satisfied

it can bring a smile to the heart

A simple bird-feeder

is all I wanted

to draw the birds

to enjoy their beauty

I had a vision in mind

this desire so...

August 24, 2018

This life…

Truly a gift given

A moment of breathe, 

Here one moment, 

the next it’s gone.

This world, 

Truly filled with trouble,

A place of beauty

A place of pain

Co-existing all at once

This death, 

So sudden,

a moment the light taken away

A future hope lost

In a moment 

This heart...

December 1, 2016

Death….how does one prepare for this.

The loss and the pain one feels

runs deep within ones soul

The tears that fall so heavy

no one can quench the flow

No matter the distance of time 

the unjust loss of life

A life and future stolen away

premature loss one cannot prepare 

A fa...

August 14, 2016


they come and go

from one to the next

they never remain

yet come around over and over again

Constantly changing

ever moving

never the same


always around the corner

never settling for the same

ever pressing for growth

if one will allow

the discomfort of uncertainty


July 25, 2016

Once I was a target,

the aim of each arrow…. 

spear piecing my heart, 

my mind, my being

Once I was a target,

receiving each blow,

at the centre point of being

Once I was a target, 

at first small and tender,

but now grown, standing tall

but NOW, I am the arrow

held in posit...

June 16, 2016

In honour of YOUTH DAY, 

here in South Africa...

I would like to share the story of 


I have seen Alex around Dayizenza CarePoint,

knowing he was older than the rest, 

I resolved to leave him to his own decisions.

This week I had a conversation with Alex

A conversation tha...

May 31, 2016

Taking a walk up a rocky mountain construct, where a waterfall usually comes gushing down.

This stream is only a trickle…with a small pathway of water gently flowing down.

The desert-like drought is seen and felt all around.

What is usually a luscious greenery and overflo...

May 26, 2016

It’s dark, it’s heavy… buried deep down, 

Buried deep down in the ground…

the ground of systemic injustice, there is no way out of this…or is there?


Standing in this mine, chipping away at the daily struggles of life...

Filled with the dirt of the surroundings, all I can...

April 4, 2016

A day of ministry...KIDS CLUB Training on a Saturday for what was supposed to be 27 people, only ended up being 16 people. But first let me back track...


The week leading up to the Training day, was hectic and quite stressful. The week had a few emotional up's and down...

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