life at the carepoints

Salubindza Carepoint

This carepoint does not have a kitchen structure yet.

Children have been gathering at Nomathemba's house to eat twice a week.

The bomake (mothers) have set up a make-shift structure to cook.

A piece of land to build a kitchen is needed.

Please PRAY with us for an open door for purchase of land and finance to make this happen.

Close to 200 children gather in this lady's garden!

The children have skills and talents.

On this day, they sang and danced and had much fun!

Despite their circumstances, they smile and enjoy the simple things.


Here you can see me greeting the children.

I taught them some simple actions to a simple truth:

"God loves me!"

And we had to do it with feeling and meaning!!!



Now this started with a small pat on my head by one child. When she realised my hair was quite soft, suddenly about 8 to 10 children started rubbing my head. The funny thing was that they didn't know when to stop and they didn't realise with what strength they were 'rubbing'. Soon they were pressing and it become an interesting situation, where I had to get up and ask them to stop.

Hahaha...Fun times for all!


Mahushu Carepoint

Time to enrol children for sponsorship! We have great translators at Mahushu. They interview each child to gather key information, that makes the story about that child. This takes time, as the children are shy and introvert. Every interview is an opportunity to love on that child.

Below, meet some of the lovely ladies who facilitate at this carepoint.

From left, after me you have Ncobile, then Pinky and lastly Constancia.


Food is cooked by the amazing bomake (Siswati for mothers)...and now time to eat!

BIG SMILES & grateful hearts for this special meal!


The Pre-Schoolers at the Kingdom Shine Church in Mahushu. This church, led by Pastor Richard, hosts the Carepoint. Pre-School uniforms were provided for by a sponsor. They are looking very smart!

Spark Foundation put in this new jungle gym set of swings and see-saw!

The children are loving every minute...they have 6 on at a time. No time to be wasted.


Easy 100 children gather at Mahushu on a daily basis for food and ministry.

They are hungry & it's time to fill them!


Mganduzweni Carepoint

Enrolment day at our Carepoints mean, special meals!

Chicken (a treat), beetroot, pap and sauce.


Meet Phumla!

She has lots a attitude and likes to show off :)

This picture was taken especially to show that SHE is the queen beetroot chef.

I must say...this was the best home-made beetroot I have ever eaten!


Lunch is ready!

For many this will be the only meal for the day.

Our carepoints feed these lovely children on a daily basis.

Grateful to all who make this possible!!


The only way they know to show off! A camera is a foreign object. For them to see themselves in a 'mirror-like' image is hilarious to them.

The things we take for granted...the privileges we have that go unnoticed, here they are taken advantage of, they are appreciated and also new experiences!

Don't forget friends...we have much to be thankful for.


These beautiful girls could speak some English, and enjoyed tickling me as they ran away from being caught.

Such precious faces, stories and hearts.

These children are very intelligent, they just don't have the opportunities. With those lifting them up, together we can help these girls reach for their dreams, or even just have an abundant life.

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