mother's (bomake) day appreciation

Since it is the Mothers (Bomake) who are the heroes on the ground, waking up early to prepare food for the 100's of children coming every day, we decided it would only be fitting to show APPRECIATION to all the mothers at our Carepoints. And what a lovely surprise it was for them. They could hardly believe that we came out to give them these gifts of appreciation. They gasped, they laughed and smiled a lot with the joy of receiving these gifts. And what a privilege it was for us. The Gifts: home-made chocolate chips biscuits (by Leah Conti) wrapped in package labeled 'Thank you Mother'; and a mirror for each also labeled 'I am very beautiful' as a reminder that God made them beautiful.


Bomake at Mahushu Carepoint:

Bomake at Mganduzweni Carepoint:


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