my boys showed up!

I have to share!! This is an update on my previous blog post. I was so excited when I saw 2 of my boys arriving at Kids Club in Mahushu later the afternoon, on the same day I posted my previous post. Sakhile (one who asked me for money) and his friend Muzi arrived at the program 45 minutes late, but I didn't care! Now remember, these boys live in the opposite direction from the Plaza shopping centre. I knew the project is far from where they live and go to school. But they came. They walked all that way to come to Kids Club. I could not stop SMILING. My heart was overjoyed...truly! I asked Constancia, the facilitator, to give them a quick summary of the lesson and let them colour the activity sheet for a few minutes, as we only had 10 minutes left of the lesson. After all was done I asked Sakhile if he was hungry and wanted some food. He said yes. So we dished some of the food from the project. He was happy to get a plate of food. I decided to give them a ride to the Plaza, knowing they still had a good way to go from there. They were grateful and said they would do their best to be there earlier next week. For some reason, these boys are committed to attending this Kids Club. I know their lives will be impacted...Jesus is calling them and has a great plan for them!!

Sakhile in the middle and his friend Muzi on the right.

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