strength in weakness

Last week I had the most encouraging time with our bomake (cooking mothers) at two southern CarePoints, where I led a Bible Study, (I filled in for Kay who usually leads seen in picture below).

I prepared a talk on my favourite bible verse found in 2 Corinthians 12 vs 9 & 10 which says,

'But he said to me "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly in my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me...for when I am weak, then I am strong.'

I talked about what weakness looks like in this world and how we view it usually as a negative. But I love how this scripture talks about weakness in a positive light, in that God's power and strength fills that space of weakness.

The bible is full of stories where Jesus encountered weak people, weak in character, weak in health, weak in integrity, weak in social status etc. And in every single situation, we don't see Jesus shunning them away or disregarding them, instead he invites them closer. He goes to Zacchaeus's house for lunch, he forgives and restores the lady washing his feet with perfume, he invites a child to talk about greatness in the kingdom, he uses a little boys lunch to feed 5,000 people and so many more scenarios!

Because of HIS strength and power...we can boldly and confidently approach God in our weaknesses.

What a comforting and freeing Truth.

By the time I was done sharing this message that's close to my heart, many of the ladies were touched. First they shared some thoughts about how this message has impacted them. One lady, we shall call 'B'... shared how she always feels very small, insignificant and weak when she attends church. But now seeing how Jesus responded to all those weak people and how He drew nearer to them, it has helped her to now be confident and rest in His love.

We then went into a time of praying aloud for ourselves. There were tears shed by a few ladies during this time. How awesome....mothers who 'need' to be strong, tough and hard started to soften up and allowed themselves to be vulnerable for a moment.

After this...I thought we were done! But no. There were prayer requests that came...huge needs started to surface. What a privilege to pray for these champions.

One prayer request in particular really touched me.

'B' started sharing how she has dreams about strangling her daughter. She shared how this bothered her greatly because she really loves her daughter and her daughter is a huge help to her. The pastor's wife and I laid hands on 'B' and started praying for her.

As I started praying I had a real sense that there was huge unforgiveness in her life and she needed to confess forgiveness over people who have hurt her. This was tough for her to do...but through many tears she did.

A picture I had for 'B' while praying for her:

Unforgiveness that's not dealt with, even though starting as a small little weed, over time will grow into a forest of weeds, bringing death and destruction.

Those weeds need to be uprooted and cut by the actually proclaiming forgiveness over that person by name. This can be a painful process but is important in order to experience freedom and healing from those hurts.

Once the roots are cut in proclaiming forgiveness....God will come and send His fire, His love...and burn up all the dead bushes....and NEW LIFE will begin to grow.

'B' walked away from this Bible Study a new person.

I walked away totally encouraged and blessed, seeing God move in these ladies' lives.

The Pastor's wife was in awe of God and grateful for my availability to be used by God.

A blessed day is was...truly!



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