no competition needed

Children's Cup South Africa, has been stretched across the north and south of Nelspruit, for the past year. With much prayer and patience, we have come to a mutual agreement with an already existing organisation in the south of Nelspruit, to hand-over our southern sites to their care. Emoyeni will be a hands-on help and presences in those communities, something we struggled to do last year.

During a meeting we called with all the local partners and pastors, and the organisation we're friends with; a local pastor stood up and shared what a GREAT MOMENT it was for him. He shared how he has learned so much from that that competition is not necessary when we are all building the Kingdom of God together.

As this pastor spoke, I felt the presence of God, knowing this truly was a significant moment. You see, in many of these communities, competition is rife. African leaders and even the cooking mothers, are always looking to their neighbour, comparing what they have to their neighbour. There seems to be an attitude whereby they need to prove themselves as better.

But when this pastor spoke, all the local mothers and leaders were listening, intently!

There was a levelling of the field...a sense that no one was better than another....and this pastor saw it that day, as Children's Cup and Emoyeni work hand in hand to serve the people in the communities.

There was this hush....and then suddenly, many others spoke up in agreement with this pastor.

It was a beautiful unity, a true reflection of the body of Christ...where truly the ground is level.

What a privilege it was to be a part of this gathering.

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