Dream Big...

This phrase....Dream Big...has been showing up a lot lately.

The flat-mate that moved out of my new place, left a painting that has this phrase painted on.

Then I get a devotional in my inbox and at the end of the devotional, in bold letters it is written: DREAM BIG.

What is all this about?

There are various things one can dream about. One can dream about your own future career, your future family, your future life.

Dreaming, speaks of something you desire that is not, or at least not yet in the present, but something you can see in the future. It's a vision of the futre.

My heart dreams for this country, for the people of this country and even for this continent.

I dream of a people (little ones and big ones) who are strong and courageous, who take personal responsibility and who stand up to make a difference right where they are.

I dream of a people who stand on the rock that is Christ, who walk in their true identity as free children of the King and live out their destiny designed before the ages.

I dream of children who have a fair chance in this life, receiving a solid education and the love and support needed, that allows them to step into the world and give it all they've got.

I dream of a people empowered to believe they CAN do it and to believe they have the power to stand and help others to stand.

I dream of a country where people are treated as equals, looking each other straight in the eye with respect and value.

But I'm afraid my dreams might be too small....I'm afraid they are not big enough.

I'm most afraid that these dreams just stay dreams.

I know my God is BIG....His dreams are HUGE....and His heart is exploding with love and purpose! My prayer is that I would align myself to His plan and purpose....so that His dream might be fulfilled through me.

My hope is in Him.


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