The luxury of a walk...

When walking became a choice, it became a luxury...

Walking, running.... when I don't have to,

has become a way of exercise,

enjoyment, relaxation and a destressor.

But for many....walking and sometimes running...

when time is short,

is a necessity of life!

It's a means to an end,

not an end in itself.


a means to a job

a means to get from A to B

a means to make a living.

Why would you walk for fun?

When it's a means to most things in life?

There's no space for enjoyment and relaxation...

when you finally get to your destination,

your physical body is exhausted...

but there's no time to feel exhausted,

because the task is at hand.

Only to again,

by the end of the day,

to walk some more...

to get to the end,

to get to home, children and more responsibilities.

Yet, for the rest...

at the end,

to choose to go for a walk or a run...

this choice truly is a luxury.

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