The day I was hijacked!

A day of ministry...KIDS CLUB Training on a Saturday for what was supposed to be 27 people, only ended up being 16 people. But first let me back track...

The week leading up to the Training day, was hectic and quite stressful. The week had a few emotional up's and down's, big deadlines, trying to keep up to date with 3 departments and then finding time to prepare for the Training day. Honestly, it was the last thing on my mind and I just didn't feel up to it.

Friday I found myself running around, from meetings preparing for a coming team to printing booklets, throwing an outline together and rushing off to my car mechanic to get some parts replaced.

Saturday morning, up early to head out on an hour and a half drive to the community where training was to take place.

There were 2 podcasts from Focus on the Family that I wanted to listen to, which would take up most of my drive time. As I started listening to this man's testimony about what happened to him at 5 years old, this realisation came to me afresh, 'the enemy is out to steal identities!' The Holy Spirit started to speak to me about the children in these communities and how many of their identities are being stolen through hardship, trauma and lies told to them about themselves.

I then started thinking about the volunteers themselves, many of them mothers, young and old, and about their identities.

The enemy is out to steal away our identity in Christ, causing us to be ineffective in the kingdom and in this life.

Needless to say, my whole 'program' was hijacked by the Holy Spirit. Instead of training this group in how to run a kids club program, the Lord healed and restored identities, he replaced lies with his truth and gave them a new confidence in Him, He renewed callings and passion to minister to children.

It was MORE than I could have asked or planned for. He did a deep work in each heart...for this I am grateful and in awe of how GREAT HIS LOVE is toward each one.

Don't let the enemy make you ineffective!

Know WHOSE you are....know WHO you are, and walk in that truth with power and confidence, knowing WHO is with you.

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