a miner

It’s dark, it’s heavy… buried deep down,

Buried deep down in the ground…

the ground of systemic injustice, there is no way out of this…or is there?

Standing in this mine, chipping away at the daily struggles of life...

Filled with the dirt of the surroundings, all I can see is rock and dirt...

The heavy weight of struggle right before me…there’s no escaping, there’s no avoiding the massive amount of rock to break through.

This struggle…day in and day out, of immovable injustice,

a broken education system,

a non-existent health care system,

a fatherless society,

a people with no voice,

How does one split the rock, to break open the path of justice, love and hope?

But to keep chipping away,

to look up and see the sky

to remember who and why

to remain in the commander’s orders, knowing He sees it all, knows it all, and sees the plan.

And then to pause…catch a breather…see the sun, the moon and the stars

and then to touch the heart of the master builder and designer.

I am renewed as He makes all things new.

I am but a miner, breaking hearts open to His love that restores and renews, setting them free to soar.

#justice #education #southafrica #injustice #struggle #miner #hope #voice

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