But only a trickle...

Taking a walk up a rocky mountain construct, where a waterfall usually comes gushing down.

This stream is only a trickle…with a small pathway of water gently flowing down.

The desert-like drought is seen and felt all around.

What is usually a luscious greenery and overflowing waterfall…

is now not much to see or even appreciate.

I walked right up to the top…without stopping to savour,

everything being so dry

On the way down I decided to stay close to the stream of water…following the water's path,

even though small and seemingly insignificant, sticking close to the water

This water still comes from the source, it still brings life, even though just a trickle

Stick close and see what you will find

As I followed this trickle down the divine rocky construct,

I started to appreciate the powerful force of what seemed like just a small trickle at first

It was small, as I could criss-cross over and over again, over this trickle,

I started to notice the sound and the rush of this little stream.

As I got lower and lower down this construct,

still surrounded by the dry ground

I noticed the colours, the still stagnant pools of water,

Pools where water once reached, but not now,

pools that lay stagnant, still…without wilful choice, these pools unreached

I followed the hints of beauty that took me off the path, still following the stream closely,

I realised that in order to reach the full beauty of contrast, colours and secret hidden treasures,

I would need to go where it was hard to go, tread on the difficult path that most wouldn't travel

I would need to take some risky steps to see what others may never see,

it will cost me some comfort, some safety and time...

but the treasury of beautiful to uncover, even in the stagnant, still, seemingly lifeless place,

such beauty shines, such glory and precious treasures.

The reflections of the sun…displayed a glory that these stagnant pools did not possess of their own

Yet the glorious reflection of the Son brought a beauty so much greater than anything could have within itself,

a beauty not of itself…but of One greater, more beautiful…now displayed IN the stagnant pools.

Let the Son lead you…in the midst of the dry hard places…

and you will discover the trickle of life-giving water…

leading to all things beautiful, hopeful and new.

#livingwater #justice #injustice #suffering #forerunner

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