the honour.

In honour of YOUTH DAY,

here in South Africa...

I would like to share the story of


I have seen Alex around Dayizenza CarePoint,

knowing he was older than the rest,

I resolved to leave him to his own decisions.

This week I had a conversation with Alex

A conversation that I will forever remember,

remember what these children are going through!

This interaction with Alex

start with him laughing at me and Petros.

I was chatting with Petros and attempting to get a photo taken with him...

selfie style, of course!

Petros has a similar story to Alex.

I called Alex over to join us in the photo-taking moment.

He rushed over…and


we took a picture.

Petros, hesistant and not eager for a photo,

mostly shied away.

Alex, loving the moment,

laughed and laughed.

I decided to stop…and engage Alex.

How old are you Alex?

I’m 19yrs old.

What grade are you in?

I’m not in school and didn’t finish.

What grade did you finish?

Grade 8.

Heart is drawn in closer.

Did you fail Grade 8?

No, I passed.

So why did you not continue to finish school?

My mother died.

I’m searching for hope in his story.

Were you living with only your mother?

No, my mother and father.

So where is your father?

He is dead

Is there hope in this story?

Alex, do you have brothers or sisters?

Yes, I do.

Glimmer of Hope…

Are they older or younger?

They are older in their 20’s and 30’s.

Yes…some hope shines through as I presume they are taking care of him.

Are you living with one of them?


Hope is snatched away.

Why not? Where are they?

They live over that mountain.

Do you get to see them sometimes?

No, they do not like me, so I never see them.

My heart is sad.

Do you live alone, Alex?

Yes, I live by myself.

Where do you live?

Just up the hill here.

My heart is broken.

Alex was not able to finish school.

Trauma, stress, death and illness…can turn one’s entire world upside down.

Is this EDUCATION English Literacy program is helpful to him?

With great HOPE and certainty in his voice, says this program is helping him.

I encouraged him to practice and improve his English,

that God has a plan for his life, a plan that has hope and a future for him.

He started to stand up straight…

a sense of confidence rose up

that I did not see in him before.

I attempted to speak HOPE, LIFE and PURPOSE into his heart.

I encouraged him to take responsibility for his life…

Stick close to God,

Commit to learning,

put his hands to work,

and take every opportunity he could to grow.

Would he practice reading and speaking english, if I gave him a literacy reader to take home?

With excitement he said YES.

Yesterday, Alex went home with an English Reader and a new HOPE in his heart.

God can make a way for Alex where it seems like all odds are against him.

No family, no education, no income…what seems like no future.

BUT...there is HOPE.





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