He knows!

The desire of one’s heart

can seem so insignificant

so small

yet so sincere

The desire of one’s heart

means so much

simply satisfied

it can bring a smile to the heart

A simple bird-feeder

is all I wanted

to draw the birds

to enjoy their beauty

I had a vision in mind

this desire so sincere

to have a hanging

to draw the birds

I rushed around looking

here and there

to find them costly

more than I could pay

I settled for a little hanging

plastic for now must do

far from my vision

yet for now must do

Only to find

He knows my desire

so small

so sincere

Only to visit a dear friend

who has my vision

hanging unused

ready for birds

This dear friend

generous soul

freely gave the feeder

satisfying my simple desire

He knows your desire

no matter how small

He hears, He sees

He cares to meet your desires

He knows!

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